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20 Jun 2018 » Welcome to Fedora CoreOS

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Welcome to Fedora CoreOS!

Note: This site and project are currently very dynamic and will change a lot within the next weeks and months. Please refer to the FAQ for more information for the time being. If you want to help or ask any questions, IRC channel, or join our new discussion board. Links to documentation and more will be added once they’re available.

Welcome to Fedora CoreOS

Fedora CoreOS is an automatically updating, minimal, monolithic, container-focused operating system, designed for clusters but also operable standalone, optimized for Kubernetes but also great without it. It aims to combine the best of both CoreOS Container Linux and Fedora Atomic Host, integrating technology like Ignition from Container Linux with rpm-ostree and SELinux hardening from Project Atomic. Its goal is to provide the best container host to run containerized workloads securely and at scale.

Fedora CoreOS is an open source project associated with the Fedora Project. We are aiming for high compatibility with existing Container Linux configuration and user experience, and we expect to provide documentation and tooling to help migrate from Container Linux to Fedora CoreOS.

GitHub and Pagure

We asked the CoreOS and Fedora communities the question, “Where should we have topical discussions (features, bugs) around Fedora CoreOS?” - the results were clearly in GitHub’s favor which is why the issue tracker has since been on GitHub. The form was shared via the Fedora and CoreOS communities on mailing lists, IRC, and Twitter.

github vs pagure results

The overall vote count of 184 (182 on the form plus 2 external votes that had no Google account) is distributed as follows:

  • 112 GitHub
  • 57 (55+2) for Pagure
  • 14 Gitlab (mix of on premise and hosted variant votes)
  • 1 “just keep Gentoo CoreOS”

That makes over 60% for GitHub with some comments on Twitter and the form saying that they voted for GitHub because Gitlab was not an option in the poll. There were 40 comments in the form which were helpful in getting a feeling for the actual and potential community. The main takeaway from the comments was that people feel either upset about GitHub or about Pagure. As it is not possible to please everyone, we are going with the clear result on the vote and using GitHub for those discussions that are not a good fit for IRC or the forums.

Many thanks to all of you who participated and gave us feedback - please continue to contribute with ideas, code, questions, and conversation.